5 Benefits of a WordPress Website


Over the last several years, WordPress has become a more popular website platform than ever. Plenty of reasons are behind this popularity. Website owners cite a number of benefits to making WordPress their platform of choice.

What are 5 benefits you would gain in choosing it as your platform for a functional, interactive and responsive website?

Ease of Use

One of the biggest benefits with WordPress is its ease of use for the site owner. It is easy to learn to use, presents fewer problems in managing it and you can log in from anywhere to manage your site.

The interface is easy to use and learning how to add a blog, new pages, content and images is simple and doesn’t have a large learning curve. A number of plug-ins are available to make security and SEO simpler.

Gives You Complete Control

It used to be that you needed someone to manage your website for you if you weren’t well versed in html. With WordPress, this is not necessary as you don’t need to know how to code to handle management of your site.

Once your site is built and you have learned how to manage it, you will be able to apply updates yourself rather than waiting on someone to do it for you. It not only gives you more control but also saves time and money since you won’t have to pay a developer and then wait for them to take care of your site.

Separate FTP Software and HTML Editing Unnecessary

Building an html based site requires FTP and HTML editing software that you either have to learn how to use or always have a web developer available to use it on your site. Neither of these is necessary with a WordPress site as it is self-contained. You can upload images, post content, and many other items using the built-in tools in WordPress.

Expands Easily

Need to add more pages to your site? With WordPress, you can do this on your own. The ability to add pages is built in and as easy to do. You can start with just a page or two and as you need more pages added, WordPress gives you that option.

Search Engines Like WordPress

WordPress sites are easy to get indexed in search engines. WordPress’ clean and simple coding is inviting to search engine spiders. WordPress sites make comprehensive and precise SEO easy when you have SEO plug-ins that help with image titles, Meta tags, keywords and descriptions.

With benefits like these, choosing WordPress is a smart move. With it, you can really feel like the master of your online presence.