How Do You Choose the Best Digital Agency for Your Needs

Digital Agency Choice

It is all too easy to hire a website developer or a digital agency and then discover they are not working out for what you want.

This is often due to being too ambiguous about what your goals are when you are looking for a developer. Before you start looking for a digital agency or a website development company, you need to establish clear goals for your site as this helps in determining if the developers you check out can meet your needs. It may be helpful to sketch what you want specific features to look like.

Once you have established clear goals and can show a prospective developer or web development company what you want, you are ready to seriously look for the right developer. Here are some of the things you need to do in your search:

Get Referrals from People You Know and Trust

This is probably one of the most reliable ways to find a good website developer. Because it is so reliable, it should be the first thing you do. Don’t just ask for a recommendation, also ask why they liked the developer and what kind of service did they get. Ask about anything they didn’t like as well so you know what negatives there might be when you hire this particular digital agency..

Review the Agencie’s Portfolio

Take a close look at the developers portfolio to see if the type of work the agency produces is to your liking. If an agency produces quality work in many cases they are happy to showcase this or publish case studies.

You’ll want to look for things like:

  • Are the designs unique?
  • Are the showcased skill sets similar to those that you require?
  • Are the websites or mobile apps still live? This can indicate if a project was completed and successful.

Check Out Sites You Especially Like

This might take some digging but take a look at the About page on sites you find appealing. Some sites will name who the developer is. If you don’t find that information there, try sending an email to the site owner using the contact page. If they did not build their own site, they likely won’t object to referring the developer they used to you.

Check Out Their Blog

When you find a few developers you might be considering, check to see if they have a blog. Reading their blog can give you some insight into how they work and if their values match yours. It is also a good way to determine how they might be to work with on building your website.

Look for Google Reviews

Digital Agencies who allow the public to leave reviews generally have nothing to hide. Take a look at their Google Profile and reviews to find how other customers have found the experience. This is certainly one way to ensure that testimonials are true and accurate. Similarly take a look at the company’s Facebook page.

When you have narrowed down your options, be sure to get references and find out how transparent and accountable they are. It pays to go slow in making a decision on which website developer to hire. It also pays to be quick to fire one that just isn’t giving you what your want and need in both the site they develop for you and the service they provide.