Wix vs WordPress

CMS - Wix vs Wordpress

There are hundreds of CMS and website building platforms available to those who are seeking a website. There are two standouts in terms of simplicity and ease of use, those being Wix and of course WordPress.

From small businesses to large ones, the debate rages over which is better… WordPress or Wix. There are militant camps on both sides of the fence who are trying to prove that their choice is the better choice.The reality is that there isn’t a clear winner. It largely depends on what you want from your website.

We’re going to be clear on this one–for our purposes we are talking about WordPress.org, the software only, the stand alone WordPress software that you or your host installs on your own hosting (i.e. go Daddy, Blue Host etc) We are not discussing WordPress.com, the hosted WordPress sites.

If your website will be a personal private website that may sell one or two small products and you’re not sure how to operate a website or hosting, it may be that Wix is the better choice for you.

While not as robust as WordPress, it does offer an undeniable ease of use that gives the solo entrepreneur the ability to have a website for which they need not pay.

The comparison between the two is fairly simply made.

Wix offers an ease of use that is created and designed for the person who simply knows less about the internet and how it works but still needs a website.

WordPress is designed for those who are a little more net savvy and undersand the rudimentary workings of the online world.

Wix provides a simplistic methodology that allows the solo entrepreneur to have a website with nominal cost and with nominal labor.

WordPress requires a little more effort in order to create the sites and some degree of learning is necessary, though the same could be said of nearly any method of building a site.

In most cases Wix websites don’t necessarily rank as well as they should or could because some of the methods used to make a website rank well are missing.

WordPress often ranks very well out of the gate with nothing more than basic content and meta tags. The software is designed to ping the search engines when a new post or page is added and helps to attain a higher and faster ranking than most of the other cms software that you will use.

Wix offers fewer methods of adding bells and whistles although some additional items are available you and more with the paid version of wix.

WordPress offers many thousands of different plugins and adaptations that allow you to do virtually anything you want with your WordPress site, from videos to banner exchanges to accordion sliders. Most of these are free, though there are many that are premium and do cost a fee for use.

Wix offers multiple themes or layouts, that can give you a very sleek looking site in a minimal time span.

WordPress offers you a choice of many thousands of free website themes from which to select, as well as hundreds of thousands of premium website themes that are easy to install and easy to use.

WordPress costs slightly, if you factor in hosting and other things, such as content and some for pay plugins.

Wix does offer a for pay version of their website that provides for some different types of add ons and allows for commercial use.

And the winner is…

In short, while neither method of building your site is entirely right or entirely wrong,vwhich one you use depends on what you need from your website.

If you want to build your own site and you don’t need much from it, the answer may be Wix.

If you are a business entity that needs to look good and you truly need a robust site that allows you to advertise and sell products and provide for third party PPC and other perks, the best option for you is a WordPress site with independent hosting..

If your looking for a more customised professional website the team at Generation Digital are more than happy to give you an obligation and cost free assessment of your current website and point you in the right direction to grow your online presence.