Has your WordPress site been hacked? Visitors reporting Google’s “red screen of death”? We guarantee we can clean up your site, no fix, no fee.

What’s this no fix no fee business?

Simple, we remove the hack from your site or you don’t pay a cent.

You’re probably in a hurry to get this fixed right, let’s cut straight to the chase

In order for us to remove the malicious code from your hacked site, we’ll need a couple of things so we can analyise the site and locate the malicious code.

What we’ll need:

  • Access to your websites hosting account so we can download the code and database to get your site up and running in a segmented virtual environment.
  • Information from you in regards to any plugins, themes or core patches that may have been applied.
  • A flat rate payment of AUD$300 which is fully refundable if we do not succeed in fixing the hacked site.


What we do to fix the hacked site

  1. Download a copy of your website then configure a secured virtual environment to deploy your site to.
  2. Scan you code using several tools to scan the code for known vulnerabilities or code which looks malicious
  3. Remove the malicious code and scan again, once clean, we move onto prevention.

Hacking Prevention

It’s one thing to fix a hacked site, and another to stop it from happening again. The hacker may have left a backdoor, have access to a user account, maybe even your hosting account. For this reason we have to put preventative measures in place to reduce the chance of the site being hacked again.

  1. Locating a backdoor can be a tricky task at times and requires a skilled WordPress programmer. The task can sometimes take many hours. Our programmers carefully analyise the code for backdoors and removes them.
  2. Now it’s time to secure the site, your version of WordPress will be updated to the latest along with any themes or plugins.
  3. Security software and firewall configuration takes place.
  4. Reset all passwords, include your hosting account.

Once the above tasks have been completed, we upload the fixed site to your hosting account and request a review from Google.

Once the site is given the all clear, mission accomplished, return to base.

NOTE: If your site includes patched plugins, themes or core files they will have to be applied again. The flat rate “no fix no fee” guarantee applies for sites that do not contain patched 3rd Party Code and assumes that if your have any purchases themes or plugins that you can provide us access to download from the vendor and that your licence is current.