Digital Agency Choice

How Do You Choose the Best Digital Agency for Your Needs

It is all too easy to hire a website developer or a digital agency and then discover they are not working out for what you want. This is often due to being too ambiguous about what your goals are when you are looking for a developer. Before you start looking for a digital agency or […]

SEO myths

Leave these 5 SEO Myths Behind in 2017

SEO myths abound and far too many people believe them. Don’t let yourself be one of them. Below are 5 myths about SEO that you really need to put behind you in 2017. Myth 1. You need to submit your site to search engines To begin with, it is a waste of time. It won’t […]

The concept of holistic SEO

The Concept of Holistic SEO

We’ve all heard of holistic health, haven’t we? Taking your entire body into consideration when you look at your health. Most people see SEO, or Search Engine optimisation, as a way to get search traffic. They use it in order to attain better internet visibility, and to bring traffic to their site. That’s the whole […]


Tips for writing search engine friendly website content

SEO. The mere acronym brings a glance of confusion. SEO is one of the most commonly confused and misunderstood entities in the world. In part because many SEO companies wish to promote that air of mysterious mystery and to assure their customers that they can’t do it on their own. If you’re a business owner.. […]

Benefits of a mobile app

Benefits of having a mobile app for your business

We all know that mobile is an important part of marketing. Mobile apps are one of those imperatives in mobile marketing. Mobile apps aren’t just for big name brands any more. They are no longer just for the Walmarts and the Wall Street Journals of the world. The small to mid-sized businesses are following the […]

CMS - Wix vs Wordpress

Wix vs WordPress

There are hundreds of CMS and website building platforms available to those who are seeking a website. There are two standouts in terms of simplicity and ease of use, those being Wix and of course WordPress. From small businesses to large ones, the debate rages over which is better… WordPress or Wix. There are militant […]

Search engine market share

Search Engine Market Share Analysis

We’ve all heard it said that Google is the king of the search engine and that may well be true. That doesn’t mean that we should be bowing to the king and ignoring the others. As of 2016, Google was topping the search market with about 64 percent of all desktop search queries. Secondary to […]

Make your website run faster

How to make your website run faster

It’s a whole new day and age and online shopping is the most commonly done type of shopping. Online reading is now the most common way to read instructional items. Online readers and shoppers are notorious for their lack of patience when it comes to waiting around for a website to load. If it takes […]