Leave these 5 SEO Myths Behind in 2017

SEO myths

SEO myths abound and far too many people believe them. Don’t let yourself be one of them. Below are 5 myths about SEO that you really need to put behind you in 2017.

Myth 1. You need to submit your site to search engines

To begin with, it is a waste of time. It won’t get your site listed any faster. Search engines use spiders to crawl sites so search engines will find it anyway. Submitting your site won’t guarantee it will be listed any faster than if you don’t submit it. Part of the myth was that you had to submit your site to hundreds of search engines for it to be found by the largest number of people. Not true. In fact, most search engines, including Yahoo, based their searches on Google and Bing now.

Myth 2. Having a lot of backlinks is better than having good content

It wasn’t that long ago that people thought having a lot of backlinks did more good than having authoritative and informative content. At one time, it worked well to rank high to have a maximum number of links but this no longer works. Link building is still a good method if done right but content is more important. Now, links only work well if they are relevant to your site. Links that aren’t relevant not only don’t help, they can hurt.

Myth 3. HTTPS encryption is unimportant for your site’s SEO

This used to be somewhat true for sites that didn’t process payments at all. As of August 2014, HTTPS has been a major factor in Google’s ranking algorithms. Google’s browser, Chrome, now flags sites that are only HTTP as insecure and possibly unsafe as of January 2017.

Myth 4. Keywords are Not Important

This myth came about because of Penguin and Hummingbird updates and caused many to try using topics and ideas in place of keywords. Keyword use is still quite important though how they are best used has changed. Years ago, it was common practice to use as many keywords as possible, as often as possible. Now, keywords are best used in a natural way, not overused or forced.

Myth 5. A website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices is fine

Though this might have been true several years ago, it no longer is. No matter what your site is about, chances are people may want to access it on a mobile device. Smart phones are common as well as tablets so people may very well want to access your site at times when they are not in front of their home computer. You never know when someone may want to use their smart phone or tablet to show someone something on your site while they are eating out or shopping. Good digital agencies know that and will help you to accomplish it.

Mobile Apps aren’t worthwhile. While not strictly an seo issue, the reality is that mobile apps are well worth your time. Having a mobile application written for your company is probably one or the best ways to boost your online presence.

SEO is ever-changing. Ask any digital agency and they will tell you that what once might have been true has become a myth now. Of course, some things people used to think about SEO was always a myth, like an SEO company being able to guarantee a #1 rank in Google.