Five Simple, But Effective Methods to Get Return Visitors to Your Website

Increase Website Traffic

As the SEO or the site owner who takes the time to go over your traffic, you know that the best traffic, the most important traffic -is the return visitor.

Not only is the return visitor a more loyal visitor but typically they have money in hand and are ready to spend some on your products or services.

When you have a visitor who is returning to your site, the odds are that you’ve made an impression on them. Now that they’ve seen enough to impress them, all that you need to do is isolate their reasons for coming back and sell them the product that they need.vIn addition, you need to find the way to use those return visits to cause additional return visits and increase your conversion rate.

There are 5 great ways to boost your traffic and to improve your overall return visits as well as your conversion rates. Take a look at these methods for boosting traffic to your website.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to get that return traffic

If a website visitor doesn’t see some reason for giving you their email address they probably will not do that. A short Ebook and an email list is going to pay massive dividends. If you don’t connect with the visitors to your website the odds are good that they will not give you the business that you want from them and they probably won’t come back again. Engage them and you’re going to be amazed at the results.

Grab that email using an Ebook and then email market once a week or even less and you’ll find that you get a lot more return visitors and they keep coming back. Email marketing helps to ensure that you build a strong and trusting relationship with your visitors.

Don’t Forget to Use Your Social Media Wisely

Social media is one of the biggest assets that you have. There is an old saying in marketing “Fish where the fish are.” It simply means that you know that specific people gather on places like Facebook and Twitter. Make it a point to market there as well. Join groups of people who may be interested in what you have to offer as well as just visiting with your customers and encouraging them to follow you on social media.

Bear in mind that you want to build a solid base of followers without using things like auto follow or to get auto likes. They may look good on the stats but they are absolutely worthless when it comes to increasing your website’s traffic.

Offer Incentives for those who repurchase or visit your site

Particularly if you’re getting return traffic but you’re not getting a lot of repeat sales, incentivize their visit to your website by offering them a percent off or some other perk. Give away a free ebook, add them to a lottery or give some kind of motivation to keep them coming back. It’s not difficult to find some way or some method to motivate people to come back to your website or to buy another product.

Use a Mobile App to Connect with Your Visitors

It’s a mobile world. No matter how you look at it, using mobile applications is what most quality companies are doing and something that you need to be doing too. If you don’t have a mobile app for your company, now is the time to get one. Custom mobile applications are no longer as vastly expensive as they used to be and most of them pay for themselves in traffic and repeat traffic in a very short time. Using a mobile app to allow your customers to feel closer to you is one way to ensure repeat visits and repeat purchases.

Ask Questions to Get Answers

If visitors continue viewing your products, or are sporadically visiting but not buying, find out why. It’s easy to do a survey so if you’ve got questions about your customer service or your product, ask them. There may be a problem with your service, there may be a problem with the product or they may not understand how it works.

One of the most common problems for first time buyers is that they haven’t adequately figured out how to use a product or service. If you help them to figure that out or ask them questions, it will boost their loyalty as well as get them to rebuy.

These are just a few of the top ways to encourage return visitors to your website. What are your favorite methods and how well do they work to net return visitors for your customers or your website? Drop us a line we’d love to hear from you.