Tips for writing search engine friendly website content


SEO. The mere acronym brings a glance of confusion. SEO is one of the most commonly confused and misunderstood entities in the world. In part because many SEO companies wish to promote that air of mysterious mystery and to assure their customers that they can’t do it on their own.

If you’re a business owner.. or even if you’re not, you know what happens when you type a phrase into a search engine and hit enter. You get a set of pages returned to you that offer you information about the term that you just typed in.

Those pages that you are seeing are being displayed due to SEO. The long and short of it is that SEO is a means to help your content rank higher than the content of other sites that are relevant to the search term.

SEO Copywriting

The means by which you put your articles ahead of your competition, is both an art and a science. It is the means by which we offer compelling, valuable content that is first and foremost, written to offer value to people. Secondary to that, it is created in such a way as to allow the search engines to find it easily and more readily than that content which is written by our competitors.

How do you get search engine friendly content?

It takes some effort and it takes some experience in order to craft the kind of content that is going to best your competition. More than that, it requires some expertise in the field and a little research and study. here are a few tips on creating search engine friendly content that will be valuable to both your users and the search engines.

Craft compelling headlines

The article that you create may be the best thing on earth but if you don’t create a headline that is compelling and makes people want to read it, the reality is that they probably won’t. Your content can probably not rank well unlesss it appeals to people so begin in such a way that it will make an outstanding first impression.

Know the Audience that You are Writing For

Knowing the people for whom you will write is another imperative. It’s important to send the right message and how will you accomplish that in your seo copywriting if you’re unable to pinpoint the target audience. Spend some time finding out to whom a given topic actually appeals so that you know how best to write your article.

Use Subheaders

A good headline works well but a few good subheaders will pull people down the page and get them to keep reading. It makes the article easier to skim.

Drop Numbers

It’s amazing how a few good numbers will get your articles looked at in a huge way. Getting some numbers at the top of your article or in the title very often get the article read much better than if you simply used another type of title.

Use Keyword proximity not keyword density

In the old days we used to feel that a keyword had to be used a given percentage of the time. that’s probably not true any longer. Using keywords in the beginning of your article and toward the end, sprinkling them into the subheaders and headers is a good bet, but using too many keywords will get you penalized. Conversely, you can’t rank for what isn’t there so be sure that you have at least a few instances in the article.

These are just a few ideas for creating the best seo driven content that will net you position one in search. Do you have a given strategy that has worked well for you? We’d love to hear what is keeping you on top.