Techniques to get website traffic fast

Website Traffic Fast

Your website may be the best thing since pockets and peanut butter, but if no one sees it, where’s the bonus. It’s all about getting traffic and in many cases; you’re going to be looking at getting traffic to your website fast.

When it comes to long term results, there is nothing better than SEO to generate traffic to your site. In most cases SEO also yields the highest ROI over time. While this is true, the reality is that SEO, while being the best choice isn’t the fastest choice.

SEO can take from 3 – 6 months for your targeted keywords to rank well, and for the keywords which are highly competitive; you may be looking at up to a year for your keywords to rank reasonably.

Strategies to get website traffic fast?

There are several methods you can use to drive traffic to your website quickly, both paid and free.

Free Website Traffic Fast

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to get inbound links and traffic. When the sites are chosen correctly, quality content is published with carefully placed backlinks the traffic to your website will follow.

Reach out to popular blogs and website owners of the same or similar niche as your own and simply ask them if they will publish an article for you. Many website and blog owners will happily publish an article for you with links back to your site assuming you provide them with a quality article.

It’s a win-win situation as this approach benefits the website/blog owner as they get free quality content which improves their own organic SEO, and you get links back to your site that both people and search engines follow.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to get immediate traffic. You would first build a strong social presence and create interesting social media pages, then simply be social on social media.

Reach out to other popular pages and ask them to share your page. As long as your own social media pages are of quality many other business will be happy to share yours.

Visit other popular pages, comment on their posts reference your website or Facebook page where relevant. Don’t simply spam other businesses page or they will likely ban you, add value to their page by contributing quality content and in return you generate traffic by referencing your own website or social media channels.

Forums / Conversations

Find popular forums that are relative to your niche and contribute. It’s your niche so hopefully you knowledgeable in the field. Answer some questions on the forum, even post your own.

Once you’ve built some reputation on the forum, which in many cases is as easy as providing a few quality answers or solutions, you can start to reference your own site or in many cases paste links to your site directly into the conversation.

It’s important to build some reputation on a forum before linking back to your site or many forums will delete your posts or ban your account, so don’t forget to contribute and share the knowledge first.

Paid Website Traffic Fast

This day and age there are so many options for paid traffic we could write a book, so we’ll stick to the two that we’ve found to be most successful.

IMPORTANT: When it comes to paid traffic, always remember to use conversion tracking code to measure your ROI. If you are seeing positive ROI you’re winning and your business will grow.

Facebook Advertising

Create posts on your Facebook page that link directly back to your website. Adding a short post and a call to action as well as some imagery will intrigue users and encourage a click. Keep it short and use text that encourages users to click.

You can then boost the post to a very specific and targeted audience. As every nice is different it’s impossible to cover a bullet proof strategy to cover every use case, however as a general rule, you should do some testing before spending big.

We’d highly suggest boosting a single post and categorising your Ad Sets into categories of gender, age, interests, location and device. Let the ads run for a few days then check back to see which Ad Set has the greatest engagement. You can then determine which audiences to target for the best value and use this knowledge for future campaigns.

We’ve generally found that boosting to mobile devices is much more cost effective, so make sure your site is fully optimised for mobile devices. We’ve also found that removing Instagram from the Ad Placement settings generates a larger amount of traffic to a website.

Google AdWords

It’s a no brainer that AdWords works to drive traffic to your website. For those that aren’t familiar, once a campaign is set up, your website will appear at the very top of search engine result pages for the keywords you bid on and win.

With AdWords, in order to achieve a positive ROI, we could write another book, however one of the most important things that can make or break a positive ROI is keywords choice.

Choose your keywords carefully

Try to be as specific as possible with your chosen keywords. For example, if you sell tennis training product, targeting the word “tennis” is very general. You’ll get alot of traffic, spend alot of money, however your conversion rate will likely be low. Instead, target specific keywords such as “tennis training products” or “tennis training aids”. This way your traffic is semi pre-qualified and you’ll see a higher conversion rate.

In Summary

Each of the above techniques will help you get quality targeted traffic to your website in a relatively short space of time and give you a kick start until your SEO strategy begins to take effect giving your site the long term traffic that will be most sustainable.

In this post we’ve only scraped the surface on each of the above techniques. If you’d like any information or assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.